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Get FLAT 10% OFF on products above Rs 500. Use Coupon Code: 10NOW

Exposed – Facts

Exposed – Facts
February 18, 2017 admin

Did you know? Your skin absorbs things easily into the blood stream just as if you’d eaten it.
An average adult each day is exposed to 168 hazardous chemicals, commonly used in cosmetics, body care & home care products.

In our fast paced life we do not have time to worry about this until something terrible happens, like early cataract, breathing disorders, skin rash / reactions, tremors, itchy scalp or sudden hair fall.

Why Use Organic/Non-Toxic Products?
If you buy genuine natural products with awareness then
A) we need not worry about the bad consequences on our body (Feel good)
B) Natural Products automatically resolve core issues (Look good)
C) We are naturally ‘helping the eco- system (Do good).

‘Natural Organic World’ is unique as it unifies nature in an elegant way to serve you in your everyday life.
Organic way of living can be promoted in your life starting from you and your daily essentials like moisturizers, shampoo, soap , detergents etc.

Organic products just work better. Non-toxic skin care products are more effective simply because they are made with ingredients that don’t disrupt your body’s natural state. Since what you put on your skin will end up inside your body, treat your body well and you will feel and look your best.

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