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Now Story

The World NOW By Larra Shah

It’s strange how things almost always disappear right as you take them for granted. One second someone’s there for you, holding you, talking to you, fulfilling promises, and then they’re gone. Gone like the clear water I tried to hold in my soft palms,trickling away right in front of my eyes.

Without my father here, I still feel a void in my perfect world. I pray and offer gratitude that I have been enriched with a lot more than I had asked for in my life. I remember the sound of a glass stirrer, as we discussed how to weigh 1 gm turmeric and mix it in a beaker. A researcher and a scientist my father spent many hours in our little balcony, he called his lab. I sat intrigued watching him as he stirred the white granule’s of sugar to molten gold and then rolled it like candies that I ate with delight. Every Saturday we would stir a big bucket of soda and other ingredients and make blocks of soap. All this is still like a living dream a memory so real.

My long thick tresses, shining bright skin was the envy of many. As a naturopath I continued to innovate with my dad as we made different hair oils, face creams and many products for my mother’s salon. I didn’t know then that father was leaving me with a peek into the world of goodness of nature as a legacy. I promised myself I would’nt make anything again after I realized he wouldn’t join me ever again.

Tears flowed out of my eyes, my hands shook and my heart raced so fast as I was surprised when after years one fine day, I found my father’s small square steel bag with the golden lock. As I managed to open the bag, I found his hand written formulas and my scribbled notes of trials and errors, the small metal weighing scale and weights. I heard our laughter of joy whenever we had a successful formula, I saw him smile in my memory, telling me never to stop innovating, never to stop sharing.

Today in my perfect world, I bring to his grand children the“ Natural Organic World ” And this new gen of grand children will also follow their grand father’s footprints and share the wonderful goodness of nature with everyone who cares.

Welcome to the World of goodness, Your world… “ Natural Organic World ” since 1975